MeArm Build Instructions

Building the MeArm Maker

The classic Maker Kit, servos, acrylic and a handful of machine screws. This is the most common MeArm Kit and if you have a MeArm from another supplier it might be an older version. We'll still support you in building it and have instructions available.

Check out how to make it here.

MeArm Maker Instructions

Build the MeArm Wifi

An Arduino compatible ESP8622 powers our standalone kit. These instructions will get you started in no time

MeArm Wifi Instructions

Build the MeArm micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is an easy to use and powerful education tool. These instructions will get you started with this fantastic kit.

MeArm micro:bit Instructions

Build the MeArm Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a pocket sized powerhouse of personal technology, perfect for paring with a pretty robot arm.

MeArm Pi Instructions