Give Back

The MeAm and all of our products are open source by default and are distributed under a creative commons attribution share alike licence. Unfortunately that licence is rarely followed.

There are most likely millions of MeArm clones that have been sold around the world (making your own is totally fair use and we love and applaud you for that), where the seller has either claimed the design as their own or not bothered with any attribution at all.

For all of those folks we're putting a tip jar right here. This is a link to paypal where you can make a donation if you want to say thanks, and buy us a beer, or a coffee, or even a keg. If you've made some profits off our work and haven't said where the design came from you probably owe us that much.

We provide support, instructions, and code for all of the MeArms produced, and even those who host their own materials, they are usually cut and pasted from our own. Most of the traffic we receive is from people who have purchased a clone of our designs are are looking for support. Which we always provide.

There are some very professional outfits in the world producing our products, or even slight "improvements". Maybe we'll start a wall of shame for these folks.

This page isn't intended to be bitter, or a plea, but here it is.