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Fallout 4 Shishkebab!

November 24, 2015 Christian Fraser-Williams

Fallout 4 has captured the attention of a lot of gamers recently, in turn this means we're seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful creations inspired by this epic post-apocalyptic role-playing title. Caleb Kraft from Make (former editor of our favourite blog Hackaday!) has come up with the awesome idea (with a few minor design changes) to re-create the Shishkebab, a flaming sword used to hack and incinerate your foes to the ground in the game. Using a Katana, a can of butane gas, a grill lighter, copper piping and some bits for decoration he was able make this favored...

Simbrix - Click together Pixel Art Beads Kickstarter

October 22, 2015 Benjamin Gray

Not only is this an excellent kickstarter product that solves the pain of knocked over beads when creating pixel art it's also made by our fantastic neighbours here at the Cleantech Centre in Nottingham. They've put a huge amount into this project and the development work is all done. They just need a little help in pushing them over the line They're currently looking to Kickstart their project and we're more than happy to help. The even kidnapped a gold MeArm and my voice for a short time to help record some promo pieces. It would be great if you loved...

How much energy does it take to make a cup of tea?

August 20, 2014 Benjamin Gray

Dr Matt Little sometimes works with us on projects at phenoptix and does some really very interesting work with the rest of his time. He has a great blog where I just spotted this post: "Its very difficult to explain the concepts of power and energy. People often ask me "Can I power my kettle with that?". So to try and put the energy in a cup of tea into perspective I built the 'Cuppa-meter'. The 'Cuppa-meter' shows a cup of tea which lights up as the energy required for a cup of tea is generated. This can be plugged...

Does John Conway Hate the Game of Life?

August 19, 2014 Benjamin Gray

This great video just popped up via a facebook friend  Fantastically frank interview from Numberphile. Could do with a few props though! Check out our version of the Adafruit Game of Life board if you're looking for a prop yourself.

Beautiful Laser Lizard Chopping Board - via Instructables

July 17, 2014 Benjamin Gray

Instructables is one of my favourite places on the internet. It's full of enthusiasm and amazing projects. The creator of this stunning piece of craftsmanship had the run of the instructables HQ at Pier 9 in San Francisco with access to both a beefy laser cutter and an a rather nice CNC mill. I think you'll agree that he's made good use of them All the files are published along with the stunning pictures. Worth checking out the instructable.