Resources and Files

MeArm Robots V3.0

This page is a central point to point to all of the official MeArm resources and some other useful resources you can use with a MeArm.

MeArm Build Page - this is a repository for the instructions to build your MeArm. The code to produce this site it available on our github account here (in the spirit of open sourcing all the things). - this is our main github organisation page. Primarily for code resources for the MeArm. We also fork useful repositories on this account. - the Mime Industries github organisation page. Many MeArm repos were transferred to Mime Industries, there are still a number of code resources here as well as the dxf design files for some versions of the MeArm. - this is where the original MeArm designs were first shared and still houses the most recent designs. Phenoptix is the name of the company where the MeArm was first designed and is name still attached to one of the MeArm's original designers Ben Gray. - the original MeArm instructions were posted to instructables and most cloned instructions are print outs or cut and pastes from this site.

Kickstarter for the first MeArm dedicated control board - This Kickstarter was the start of MeArm Limited as a company and raised £24,855 to start production of the first Arduino based control boards. These made up the first "Deluxe Kits" and had a nifty LCD screen and swappable joysticks or slider controls. Real sliders are still the most satisfying way to control a robot arm, with rotary potentiometers coming in a close second.

Kickstarter for the MeArm Pi - This Kickstarter was the first for the MeArm as part of Mime Industries. MeArm V2.0 used silicone bands to hold the arm together. This simplified the build. The Kickstarter raised £56,376, and successfully delivered the product after many many fun and games laser cutting the new intricate design.