Finding out your MeArm Version

The MeArm was created in March 2014 and there have been several versions created since then. The most popular versions have been cloned hundreds of thousands of times. The most popular versions are the V0.4 and V1.0. 

Each version has its own build instructions and you can find them below. The latest version is the V3.0 and has many advantages over the earlier versions, a 25 minute build time is just one of them.

If you have a V3.0 please see these instructions. The V3.0 has a characteristic three band structure of the jaw. 

Version 3.0 MeArm 

If your kit contains elastic bands your have a V2.0. Please see these instructions

Version 2.0 used elastic bands to reduce build time

If your kit has a base board with a diamond shaped cut out then you have a V1.0 or lower. These are the most copied, please find the instructions here.