Building the MeArm Robotic Arm Version 2

MeArm V2.0 Kickstarter Image

The MeArm is fun to build and easy to control. The most important step is calibrating your servo motors. To do this you will need to set up your control board first. Links are below which will help you to control your robot and calibrate the all important servo motors.

The MeArm Maker requires a separate control board, such as an Ardunio or Raspberry Pi, that can provide a PWM Signal to control the servos

Power at 5-6V and around 2-3A needs to be supplied to the servo motors via the 5+ (red) pin. With Ground from the power supply attached to GND. The remaining pins control the servo motors and require a PWN output from a microcontroller. The PWN signal generator needs to be connected to the GND of the power supply to provide the correct reference voltage.

The pinout of the 6 pin connector is:

Pinout for MeArm Maker Kit v3.0 Base Board

Click here to download the latest instructions for the MeArm Version 3