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MeArm Robotics

MeArm Controller Board for micro:bit

MeArm Controller Board for micro:bit

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Most of the MeArms in the world are not manufactured by MeArm Robotics. The are made in Maker Spaces, Universities, and in the factories that stock Tao Bao, Ebay, and Ali Express. Some come with a basic kit to get you up and running, but what happens when you want to use your favourite hardware? You come to the source of all of the open source! So here we have a kit to get your Open Source MeArm up an running with the small and mighty BBC micro:bit

This Kit for micro:bit includes:
  • Custom PCB to insert your micro:bit (sold separately)
  • Thumbstick Caps
  • Battery box (4xAA batteries not included)
  • Connecting Cable

You need to supply your own batteries and micro:bit to control this super cool robot arm.

We have some code to get you started, so you can use the two built in joysticks to control your MeArm. 

BBC micro:bit is not included (saying that twice!).

This product is proudly open source hardware, and you can find the schematics on Github 

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