Every Queen Needs a Crown

Every now and then a MeArm will end up somewhere where you don't expect it. In this case it was on the head of Steven Colbert, on the legendary Late Show. This was due to the genius of YouTube sensation, and queen of a particular subreddit, Simone Giertz.

Every Queen Needs a Crown

Now the title of the YouTube clip maybe doesn't paint the product in a good light, as it says "Queen of Crappy Robots", so let us point out it was the final invention that was crappy and not the MeArm. We were super proud that a little acrylic kit that came off a laser cutter in Nottingham made it onto the Late Show, and it is amazing to be a small part of the wonderful work done by Simone over this last five years. If you want to get started in robotics like Simone check out our kits via the store link above.

If you'd like to build your own ToothBrush Machine(TM) check out Simone's instructable!

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