Wuthering Bytes - Open Technology at Hebden Bridge

Today is the second day of Wuthering Bytes. An open technology meeting nestled in Bronte country. The line up of speakers yesterday speaks volumes about the event, giants in the world of electronics and software from the guy who made the Gadget Show's Battlefield 3 simulator, Shay Moradi, to the shining light of what is a growing grass roots campaign to reform STEM education, Amy Mather, each and every talk has inspired and informed.

Even more inspiring has been the conversation and cross over between hardware and software, that I've not experienced anywhere else. Open hardware can lean a lot from our open software compatriots - Orta Therox talked about managing an open community in software where thousands of people work on a myriad of projects - each an individual needing attribution and recognition for their work. The system they've built handles this well and, in part, effortlessly.  

Today there are a host of workshops to attend. I think I'll be heading for the Git Together. See if I can do something about my detached head... More to come later.

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