Rambling update!

It's been a while since the last blog post on phenoptix. seems that there has been a great deal to write about but oh so little time. We've had some fantastic new products in store. Including some awesome NeoPixel creations from Adafruit - including the Neopixel Ring and Matrix and even some of our own! These are great product using the NeoPixel technology wrapped up in a neat 12mm diffused LED package. We made a cool gif of them

I love gifs! This one was made by uploading a lot of images to google+, I wanted to link in there but can never seem to find a good link for a G+ profile.
Lots more new stuff anyway, see it all in the new products channel

We've been working on some new products too, we're not massive secret keepers here at phenoptix, so they're either as work in progress on our Github or as things on thingiverse. I understand thingiverse isn't the cool thing in open source right now, but it allows us to upload and share our flat stock (laser) designs easily and attribute them where we need to.

Open hardware summit was last Friday and looked to be awesome again. We were a supporting sponsor - you'll see our round logo on the page. The summit badge was designed by our friends at Wyolum, but strangely it doesn't seem to be open source yet...

Bit of ramble of a blog post!

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