Open Hardware Summit Ticket Giveaway!

The Open Hardware Summit is the most amazing gathering in the world. It's like the Solvay Conference of electronics, packed full of the rockstars of the Open Hardware scene. Probably one of the few places where you can find yourself chatting over coffee with Bre Pettis, Nathan Seidle and Limor Fried.

We're sponsoring for the third year and for the second year we're not able to attend. So we're giving away our ticket and awesome e-paper badge.

And no you can not win the ticket, not attend and get the badge. If want the badge, you have to go. No last minute pulling out because you haven't thought it through, I could do that myself. I want someone to attend and love it, as I would if I could afford the flights, hotel and time!

To win check out our twitter account, follow us and retweet " is in Boston on the 6th Sept. We have a ticket to give away. Follow and RT to win."


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