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Last week we got some great products in store, all of which can be found in our New Products Category. Part of what we're currently trying to achieve is a consistent offering over our "sales channels" so that if you find something on our eBay store you can find it here on our website with 10% off, as eBay charge us 10% to sell items on there. With that in mind a few product combinations that have on eBay have come to our store this week. Including the Bumper Jumper Bundle

The bundle is just a whole load of jumpers that should keep you going for a while including:

  • 55 x ~100mm Male-Male Jumpers
  • 10 x ~120mm Male-Male Jumpers
  • 5 x ~180mm Male-Male Jumpers
  • 5 x ~220mm Male-Male Jumpers
  • 25 x ~12mm Male-Female Jumpers
  • 25 x ~12mm Female-Female Jumpers

The idea being with this in your tool kit you're not going to run short any time soon. All the individual parts are available elsewhere but are packaged together to save time. Keep these with your Multiholder for super smooth prototyping.

We also received a whole bunch of cool new stuff from Adafruit. We concentrated on the "blinky" element with their NeoPixel products using the WS2812 LED, which is an RGB LED with an internal WS2811 IC. This allows you to chain and address them using an astounding single output. You will of course need a GND and Vin.

Rather fantastic photography there don't you agree? There's more too!

These are the Breadboard-friendly RGB Smart Neopixels and come in a pack of four but don't have any headers with them. Luckily we have them here. The LED is soldered for you so you can get up can going very quickly. They recommend keeping them less than 15cm apart so the signal stays strong. 

If four NeoPixels isn't enough for you we got a version with eight of them attached in a handy, tasty, stick.


As before these are chainable and Adafruit even has a well written library for the product available here

As a feast of blinky, we were almost full. Just almost though as they also released this monster of blink...

And wow, 40 LEDs crammed onto a shield for Arduino. That's a Lot of LEDs and what's more they're presoldered, I know soldering is fun, but anyone who was soldered the Jimmie Rodgers LoL shield will appreciate the work having been done for you!

So apart from the buying of things and putting them on the website we also took a little time to finish a product that was foolishly benched (literally the first cut was behind the monitor on my bench for the last 12 weeks!).

Designed as a "cart filler" for those stopping by for Raspberry Pi items. It's a version of Simon Monk's Raspberry Leaf but cut from laminate plastic, the files are available on thingiverse for those of you with a laser and they're just 99p for those of you without! 



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