Google+ Just Gets Better!

Here at Phenoptix we use all kinds of social media to get our message across but if we had to pick out a favourite, then it would have to be Google+

Far from being the 'Ghost Town' social media site that many blogger's and commenter's have attempted to label it G+ (as we'll call it from now on) has improved constantly and at a pace which it's rivals have often found difficult to keep up with and have often ended up emulating. 

With this weeks annual Google I/O event held in San Francisco, Google has set out to once again push their social media sites scope even more. They claim to have made over 40 changes and while a lot of them may not be apparent to everyone, what is clear is that they  are really trying to make it the central location for a lot of their services.

This morning here at Phenoptix tower's we've been having a little fun with a great new feature know as 'Auto Awesome' If you are going to have a name like that for a feature you better make darn sure that it is matches the moniker. In a nutshell Auto Awesome takes a batch of shot's and automatically generates a gif. While this is nothing new (Window's phones have done it for a while now) the fact that Google are able to give people this feature with zero effort on the users part is going to gain it a few approving smiles. 

Ben decided to test out this feature this morning, as you can see below the results are... interesting!


While this may seem like folly, it's actually quite a useful tool to have. But this is just one feature of many that have impressed us. 

Next up (and for me the most impressive feature yet) is auto hash-tagged images.

The image below is a recent post made by myself of the famous Empire State Building. Nothing unusual there right?

Here comes the interesting part!  This image was uploaded to G+ with nothing to indicate that the image is that of the Empire State Building. The image file contained no information that could have told G+ what the object was of and you can see that the post contains no reference to the buildings name, yet if you look to the right hand side you can see that G+ managed to detect that the photo was indeed that of the famous behemoth and hash tag is correctly! OK, so this was a pretty easy one I know but, try it for yourself. It really is quite amazing and really rather handy!

These are but two features in a quite a massive update for Google+ If you are not already part of the network then now's a great time to head on over and check out some of the other amazing features which it has to offer. And while you are there why not add us? +Phenoptix!

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