Fallout 4 Shishkebab!

Fallout 4 has captured the attention of a lot of gamers recently, in turn this means we're seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful creations inspired by this epic post-apocalyptic role-playing title.

Caleb Kraft from Make (former editor of our favourite blog Hackaday!) has come up with the awesome idea (with a few minor design changes) to re-create the Shishkebab, a flaming sword used to hack and incinerate your foes to the ground in the game. Using a Katana, a can of butane gas, a grill lighter, copper piping and some bits for decoration he was able make this favored melee weapon of the game. He commented specifically that if he were to make this again that butane would not be used to fuel the model as it made it quite a risky health and fire hazard. He noted propane would be a much safer option for the model. 

fallout 4 shishkebab

Here at MeArm we're proud fans of Fallout and commend the effort put in to create such a good representation of one of the iconic pieces of weaponry used in the game. Check out the video here! 

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