New Product! MeArm Sliders Board

New Product! MeArm Sliders Board

The MeArm Sliders Board started as part of our schools demonstration kit as it was large, tactile and allowed you to have a very responsive MeArm. It even made it into our Kickstarter where it was a very popular kit upgrade. It has now at last come to our store, as we've finally made a few more!

Our first batch were made with the help of those lovely robots over at Pimoroni with their fantastic ETS250 Wave Flow Soldering machine. This is essentially a tame Cyberdyne T1000 Terminator unit that gives of its polymorphic body to make electronic gizmos. Either that or a beast of a heater that liquefies 120kg of solder to run PCBs through.

The Sliders are a fairly simple design, consisting of just four slide potentiometers and two tactile switches on a large, sturdy PCB. We provide an acrylic case and some caps for the slide potentiometers to make a rather lovely controller brick for your MeArm (or other robot). It can be used anywhere that you can read analogue inputs and of course works extremely well with our MeArm Brains Board.

Being such a simple controller they're easy to program to control your MeArm, we have some code available so you can use the Sliders and Joysticks boards and switch between the two:

The MeArm Sliders Board gives you great instantaneous control over the MeArm, allowing fast movement and fine control. We're really happy with them, we hope you will be too. Check them out here.

Hope you appreciate the funky sound track!

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