It's the future! I've tasted it! Robots and Cryptocurrency

It's the future! I've tasted it! Robots and Cryptocurrency

According to Back to the Future, we're now officially in the future. 

However at MeArm Robotics we've felt like we've been living in the future for at least a year now, as we make our living by making robotics, and to a child of the 1980s that in itself seems pretty futuristic. However this last few weeks we've started receiving a number of orders paid for with the crypto-currency BitCoin. People are buying Robots with Crypto-currency... all of a sudden it feels like we've leapt forward in time again.

BitCoin hit the news last year when it's value peaked at around £1000 a BitCoin. It's value now is around the £205 mark but it's still hitting the news due to it's incredible volatility and the fact that it's essentially made up money. Most would be wary of accepting made up money, but services like allow you to receive BitCoin, converted to your currency of choice then deposited right into your chosen bank account. Just like regular money. We're also fortunate to have chosen a shopping cart (Shopify) that allows seamless integration of the BitPay service into our payment systems.

So if you find a customer who wants to pay you in BitCoin, why not let them? You can convert it to the sort of cash you are used to, with service like BitPay, or maybe you could buy yourself a shiny new robot MeArm!

**Edit** Inspired by our leap into the future local coffee gurus have started taking BitCoin too.

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