Maker Faire Rome T Minus 2

Maker Faire Rome T Minus 2

This year we've made it to Maker Faire Rome! Well almost as it hasn't started yet...
This morning we took a look around the site to see where we'll be and get a good look at who else will be there. Seems we might have got a sneak peek at what the Geniuno team are up to as well. Rome!

The venue is the University and Makerfaire have really taken over the place already! The whole place is full of people walking around with power tools making the tents ready for all the awesomeness to come!

On the right there is Christian (our lasersmith) or his arm at least!

We wasted no time finding our home for the next few days, G37

In the Electronics tent

We wandered around some more and found a cool statue and a bit of Geniuno promo material

Then of course it was time for lunch!

After all, when in Rome! (the purists will ask "what eat like the people of Naples?")

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