Kickstarter Funded in Just Over 24 Hours!

Kickstarter Funded in Just Over 24 Hours!

Wow what a day that was. We smashed through the funding goal around 25 hours after launch, leaving us all a bit stunned.
It would seem the done thing is to add stretch goals to the project. Now we’ve been working on the MeArm and MeBrain for a while now so we have features lined up that we hoped to include in later versions but it would seem that the iron is very much hot right now.

Going through the features and the budgets to achieve them we’ve come up with this list.


 Stretch goals for the MeArm Kickstarter

To add a bit more detail I’ve gone over them again below

£7,500 – Stickers! Almost everyone gets a MeArm sticker, I love them, you love them, my daughter is crazy about them. Lets face it, I want stickers and this is a good way to get them. These will ship with every physical product. Thanks / Coffee backers will not get a sticker.

£10,000 – Hex Head Screws and Hex Key in the Box! Tools included. We switch from standard screws to hex head screws, they’re more expensive but with this sort of order we can bring them in at the sort of price we’re currently paying for screws. The Hex Key is a little more but it would make the kit better as a whole.

£20,000 – Wireless Support with XBEE Socket! Adding a socket to the board so you can add an XBEE or XRF module to add easy wireless control to the MeArm. Adds a bit to the bill of materials and manufacturing cost. Would be covered by the larger order. Solder pads for the Ciseco SRF module would also make sense!

£30,000 – Bluetooth Low Energy Support. This would add a socket for a Bluetooth module and fund the development of an Andriod App, we can also look at the iPhone app.

£50,000 – Raspberry Pi Support. With the Atmel Mega32u4 we should be able to interface successfully with the Pi. With pledges to this level we can cover the development for Raspberry Pi and do a proper job of it.

£100,000 – Potato Salad. We break £100,000 me and a bunch of MeArms make potato salad, film it and put it on youtube, I say the name of everybody who has backed the project (and wants their name read aloud) while making the potato salad.

Would be amazing to make any of these goals a reality.

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