As seen on TV! MeArm on the Gadget Show (UK)

As seen on TV! MeArm on the Gadget Show (UK)

Quite shocking that it's been three months since the last project update on! So much has been going on with the #meArm project and the business that created it (well it was me (Ben) but for phenoptix, which was also me).

The super secret project that the #meArm maxi was built for was for a TV show in the UK where they wanted to knock down a building using a digger controlled via a robot arm. Unfortunately I had very little hands on time with the machine we used and just sent the maxi down for testing. A couple of issues meant the maxi was under powered and ultimately left out of contention. I did manage to accompany Shay who's company Running in the halls (RITH) did all of the software work for the piece during filming and help cobble together the Mechano solution. This meant the #meArm was part of the story and did at least get used as a prop during filming! I did even get a one second cameo myself! I'm the blurry guy with the beard in the background

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