#meArm - Update! Now available in Peru!

#meArm - Update! Now available in Peru!

Famed for Machu Picchu, lamas and roasted rodents on sticks Peru isn't the first place you think of for open hardware. However through a quick vanity search on twitter we've discovered a rather excellent Peruvian website selling our super #meArm under the open hardware licence.

Kool Mechatronics are cutting and etching what looks to be the v0.3 of the MeArm and selling it on the OpenHardware.pe website. It's really fantastic to see the project spreading around the world like this. I'd like to thank the website and Kool Mechatronics for supplying all of the license information and links to our site so people can get involved with the #meArm project.

So if you're in South American and you're looking for a robot arm please check out their site!

Also love their addendum


Note that is a model of precision and delicate, it is the user management and make adjustments as necessary to complete the project in all packages some acrylic pieces of the most critical parts are included. Checks and always respects the characteristics and diameter of the screws find these installation instructions, however, note that the instructions may be for a previous version to the received, there is usually not much difference, but remember is a project Open Hardware, you are responsible to keep the production line."
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