Rambling Update on the MeArm - More to follow!

Rambling Update on the MeArm - More to follow!

So v0.4 has been kind of complete for a while, there are a number of tweaks I want to apply but they've not yet made it to the plans.  Should really just publish and be dammed but I do like to take some good pictures of a new version and I've not had the time to do that hence not published.

Early MeArm made in Switzerland

Have had a lot of feedback on v0.3 and have now seen versions built in the UK, Switzerland, the USA and most recently Mexico (image above is the Mexican MeArm)! Not bad from a little robot arm from Nottingham England! Jack's design for the v0.3 has been a real success. Lots has been done on the code and I've now see it run on Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. Some great work has been done by Bob Stone on this front. His github repos are amazing https://github.com/RorschachUK

The meArm was also very fortunate to be invited along to the Science Museum in London for the Make.Hack.Do festival. We build around 10 arms and probably 100 of the grippers over a 5 day period. We (that's me and the meArm) met a father and son from Switzerland (mentioned above) who had built a meArm from balsa wood on their home made CNC mill. They really made my day. There's some video of the arm in action here 

Quite a bit more to tell but that will have to do for now!

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