OHS 2013 - The lost summit

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To keep me inspired I like to watch talks from inspiring people. One place you'll find a lot of inspiring people is the Open Hardware Summit. Through the company I've sponsored the OHS for the last three years and was able to attend in 2012. Unfortunately I missed 2013, but caught a small amount on livestream - hoping to catch the rest on series catch up (or youtube / vimeo).

Having waited a long time to see these videos come online I had a good rummage today and came up almost empty handed! It seems that the videographer is MIA, along with the recordings. Five videos made it online and there are some soundcloud recordings. I'll linked them to the schedule below and hope that we can crowd source some more. If you have a video of your own please let me know and I'll link it through here.

Right now there are 13 of maybe 31 or more talks available on soundcloud but it seems that the pro account for the summit has expired and the rest have been hidden...


  • 7:45  Doors Open. Registration.  Poster and Demo Set-up.
  • 9:00  Opening Remarks: Addie Wagenknecht, Open Hardware Summit Chair
  • 9:10  Keynote Eben Moglen
  • 9:35  Democratizing Knowledge (7 Speakers)
  • 11:00 Collective Innovations (8 Speakers)
  • 12:30 Lunch. Poster and Demo area open
  • 1:30  Innovation and Revolution  (8 Speakers)
  • 3:10  Open Ecologies (7 speakers)
  • 4:30  Break
  • 4:45  Panel: Open Source Business: Forking and Attribution + Audience Q&A
  • 6:00  Closing Remarks: Addie Wagenknecht, Open Hardware Summit Chair
  • 6:15  Social hour(s), with Demos and Posters open + food, desserts and drinks
  • 8:15  Doors Closed. All demo & poster materials should be cleaned up and packed out 9pm

Keynote: Eben Moglen

Democratizing Knowledge

13 mins: Justin Shaw, Anool Mahadiria and Kevin Osborn. BADGEr: E­Paper for the rest of us [slides]
13 mins: Ryan Fobel and Aaron Wheeler. DropBot: an open­source  platform for lab automation [slides]
6 mins : J. Simmons  Export Controls and Open Source Hardware
6 mins:  Julius Baxter. Open Chip Development: What there is to gain, and is it possible? [slides] [audio]
6 mins: Josef Prusa. State of the RepRap [audio]
13 mins: Stefan Hechenberger “Lasersaur, What’s next?”
13 mins: Jean-­Luc Wingert: Desafio: The Wikicar: 100km on 1 liter [slides] [audio]

Collective Innovations

13 mins Michael Weinberg. Open Hardware Licenses Don’t Matter [slides]
13 mins  Alice King. Open Source Funding [slides]
13 mins Amanda Wozniak ­ “Collective Innovation ­ Enjoy The Mess” [slides]
6 mins Ken Burns. Launching an Open Source Hardware Business with Crowdfunding [slides]
6 mins Mathilde Berchon. The State of Open Hardware Entrepreneurship in 2013 [slides]
6 mins Ted Hayes. The State of (the Internet of) Things [slides]
13 mins Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin. NeoLucida [slides]
6 mins Jason Huggins Tapsterbot ­ The Mobile App Testing Robot


Innovation and Revolution

13mins Jeffrey Warren. Building a community one kit at a time [slides] [audio]
13mins  Marcin Jakubowski ­ The Open Source Industrial Revolution [video]
6mins Harris Kyriakou, Steven Englehardt and Jeffrey V. Nickerson. Traces of Innovation in Thingiverse [slides] [video] [audio]
13mins Charles Gracey and David Carrier. Developing a processor with the Open­source hardware community [slides] [audio]
6mins  Andreas Olofsson. Parallella: democratizing access to supercomputing through open hardware [slides] [video] [audio]
13mins  Paulo Blikstein How open hardware can revolutionize education (or how we might fail miserably) [video]
13mins  Phoenix Perry “Embodied play design and building a female developer community” [slides] [video]
13mins  Bilal Ghalib “Why?” [audio]

Open Ecologies

13mins  David Mellis. Four Principles for an Ecosystem of Open­Source Everyday Devices [slides] [audio]
6 mins Matthew Borgatti. How Open is Your Source
6 mins Ilan Moyer. Making Machines that Make [slides] [audio]
6 mins Sophi Kravitz Open source Products, Can you Profit?
13mins  Becky Stern Wearables at the intersection of electronics and craft [slides] [audio]
6 mins Arnan Sipitakiat and Paulo Blikstein. The PiTopping and a new model for educational robotics
13mins  Caleb Kraft Hackers helping the physically disabled [audio]
6mins  Katherine Scott. Solid­Statity Forever: Surviving as a Human in a Robotic World [slides] [audio]

Panel: Implications of Open Source Business: Forking and Attribution 60 mins + QA with audience

David Mellis

Hernando Barragan

Catarina Mota

Nathan Seidle

Josef Prusa

Moderator: Michael Weinberg

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