Three New Products for Friday!

Three new products in store today as well as some notable restocks. First up is the blinkiest of them all - the 15 NeoPixel Ring Segment!

Unusually for Adafruit we're going to have to get the camera out. The image above is a bit of a blur while the lovely lit image below shows four of the product in action, which is a little misleading in my opinion, not intentionally but combining that with the official name of NeoPixel 60 LED Ring 1/4 Segment you can see how folk would get confused!


You'll agree a beautiful product. If you've been living under a poorly lit rock for the last 6 months you might want be wondering what a NeoPixel is. Well NeoPixel is a trademark of Adafruit it's their name for a whole bunch of products built with the fabulous WS2812 and WS2812B LEDs from WorldSemi. The WS2812 has an integrated controller chip within the LED package. It still needs to be told what to do but the protocol is fairly simply, if time specific. They need a microcontroller like an Arduino to drive them really.

Next up we have a new servo! This is the step up from our 9g hobby servo weighing in at about 15g due to its metal gears! I've been using a lot of servos lately and keep coming across times where a bit more torque is needed, so that's the niche these fill. For where you need a like for like replacement for a resin gear servo with a bit more grunt. I got the screwdriver out so you can have a look under the hood.

Like it's lighter cousin it comes with a set of "horns" and fixings so you can attach it easily where it's needed. Take a look at the listing for details of how to run this fella from a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

The last new product is the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor! This a great and low cost sensor, perfect for the nose of your robot or for a haptic feedback glove. With a range of 2cm up to 5m with an accuracy of +/- 3mm it's extremely versatile for the price of just £1.99. Again it will work on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. We include a couple of resistors so the 5V logic that it kicks out won't fry your Pi (as long as you use them!). What more would you want? Picture of the product with a 10p coin? Yup got that too.

If you check out the listing there's some more info and also evidence of how cold it was in the office today, I couldn't bring myself to take off my miser mits for the photographs!

I'll be quick with the restocks... we got a whole bunch of these:

an handful of these:

more of these:

Oh these too!

and these:


and not forgetting THESE!!

That's it for tonight!




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