The Star in a Jar - by Jamie aged 13

This thirteen year old, Jamie Edwards, is looking very happy with himself as he's just become the youngest person in the world to carry out nuclear fusion.

From his school science lab in Lancashire, England Jamie built all of the equipment to carry out the task of colliding two Hydrogen atoms to form Helium in the lab, a task most often done by our Sun. Aided by friend George Barker and supported by fantastic school staff Mr Hourigan and Mrs Honeyman, Jamie spent his breaks, lunchtimes and time after school constructing the inertial electrostatic confinement reactor

Being the awesome engineer and maker that he is the work was blogged right here where he covers the build process, mainly through pictures.

Jamie said "You see this purple ball of plasma - basically it's like a star in a jar" (via BBC website)

(image credit to wikipedia, Jamie's fusion wasn't photographed!)

This is a really inspiring story and I'm sure more great things will come from Jamie.


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