Arduino Based Game Boy Emulator! The Gamebuino

This is a rather nice looking project, it's been in development for over a year. Certain sources tout it as Open Source, but with the wiki only providing a schematic it's still very much in the not yet class of Open Source.  Using an ATMega328 and a Nokia 3310 display the creator has built a really capable and very neat Game Boy clone. We also really like the addition of the bit of acrylic, instant class in our opinion!

Reading through the Gamebuino site frontpage we can see that they're currently working on the very final version of the board and are getting ready for a Kickstarter campaign come April/May. A slick design like this is going to smash its targets early and it looks like they've put a lot of work into the board and software before asking for any cash. It will be really interesting to see if they do take the Open Source route as they're already looking for people to help with the bootloader.

Open Sourcing from the start is surely where the most benefit can be gained. Let's watch and see. Also you can watch and see their little Youtube preview below



Found via the magic of Hackaday.

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