Rope Clock - FLUX1440

Yet another stunning clock with a, shall we say, quirky method of operation. Close up it just looks slick and rather cool.

A real thing of beauty, but take a closer look at that display, OLED maybe with some fancy design, and what is it with all that string in the picture? Lets look at it from a little further away.

The time is actually displayed on a rather long thread. The time at one minute intervals is encoded in black marks on the thread. Every second, the thread is moved on a little and once every minute, the black marks line up and the time can be read like a digital display. However, this lasts only for three seconds, then everything goes back into flux. A meandering chaos. 57 seconds and 57 shifts later, the time can be read again. A day has 1440 minutes. This results in an enormous length of the cord being needed, about 1.2 km. We would recommend a spool or two to make things neater!

A full write up of this clock bu Felix Vorreiter can be found at 


*Update. It's another Arduino clock, check out the blurred blue board in the foreground of this image.

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