Simple LED Tester

Spotted via Dangerous Prototypes.

Strangely enough today I cracked open one of our LED testers as we're running low and I had thought about designing our own. I will update this with an image of the internals of our tester, on which the silk screened plastic boasts a range of current valves, the circuit inside however comprises of battery, terminals and a resistor array... not the best I know but they've done the trick up until now. Sorry for the aside, back to the point, which is of course this rather nice little board.

This handsome board is a simple batter tester from Peter Birkett, It's a simple circuit consisting of all you can see really, a battery and several pads for LEDs in parallel as well as a battery test circuit. I think adding a header for the through hole LED would be an improvement and also wonder with 3V cell and 68 Ohm resistor if a white or UV LED would be underpowered and appear dud.

Still it's a really neat circuit and helps me with my thinking about a new LED tester for the phenoptix store. Thanks very much for sharing Peter!

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