Solar Charger and PSU from Instructables

Instructables is site that you'll want to visit. If you've never visited before please be prepared to lose a few hours looking at great projects over a huge number of categories. You'll always find something new and interesting too. Today's amazing offering is a Home Brew Solar Charger.

The author, Andrea Biffi, combines some small solar cells, a choice of charger modules, a battery and an old USB hub to build a portable and powerful solar powered battery charger. He explains each step well and takes great photographs to illustrate each step, making sure each photo is both beautiful and functional. If you've not opened a tab from the link at the end of the last paragraph yet it's really worth checking out the full build on the instructables site. 

It's also worth your time checking out Andrea's previous work. He is quite prolific and has built a great number of projects you've no doubt seen before via Hackaday or Gizmodo, such as the Mini circular bench saw built entirely from scrap

or this beautiful Nixie Clock

You can see his work is characterised by inventive subjects and beautifully illustrated builds. It will be an hour of your time well spent checking out his work. 

While you're there you might want to check out our profile too. We have a hand full of builds on Instructables, a couple of products and some fun side projects. Like our Rainbow Jar.




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