New Products in Store from Adafruit

A rather neat package arrived this morning by way of our friends at Adafruit. Contained within were some products that we've had our eye on for a while now. The first of these is this slick and beautiful BeagleBone Black case

The case is comprised of two injection molded parts with some standoffs that you can clip the BeagleBone Black into. Without the board it does look a little like a case for a pack of playing cards. However add the board and you immediately get the sleek lines of Bauhaus juxtapositioned with the stylish black PCB that we all love so much. Check it out here along with some more of my rambling:

Next up we have a new variant of the ever popular 60 LED per meter NeoPixel Strip, this time it has a black PCB so you know it's serious.

If you need convincing why you need an LED strip with Super Bright LEDs capable of displaying 16,777,216 different colours per individually addressable LED and run off just a single dataline you might need to find a different website. We're just too different. This is an amazing product, with a black PCB. Check it out here:

We're getting our wearables on this week with a new Sensor Starter Pack for the Adafruit Flora

This is a really nice sensor and starter pack, which is only missing needles. We're going to have a play with some different needles to see what would work best and then probably bundle some with this pack. It's already a great pack and at a great price. We got these in as a special request and are really pleased we have. Check it out here:

The final of our new products today is a Raspberry Pi Plate, or are we calling them shields now? It's actually two products, the RGB LCD Negative and RGB LCD Positive. We've put them into a single listing to save space, but this has lead to a lot of images being in one place. We're also adding a soldering service for this product as someone asked us for one basically. There are a lot of pins and we can see how this would put people off. Adafruit say you can solder one in half an hour which isn't too bad. We put together a bunch of images so you can tell which is which, the first is the RGB Positive

This one is the RGB Negative

They're both lovely LCDs and are controlled by I2C, which means you can run them (and all the buttons) from just two of your precious GPIO Pins. The only downside is that you can't PWM the colours so you're stuck with on and off options for them. It still gives you eight colour options (including off!).

Check them out here:

That's it for today's new products. Let us know what you think and if there's anything you'd like to see in store please let us know!

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