Tinkering with Trinkets

When you create a cheap versatile breakout board like the Adafruit Trinket it seems that it inspires people to make even cheaper more versatile variants of it. We spotted this version, known as the "Octotrinket", made by Metrix Create:Space in Seattle (well it sure beats raising cattle) by way of Caleb Kraft at the EET

The Octo Trinket is the fruit of four hours of Sunday Hacking and it certainly looks the part, we don't know if it works yet as part was untested at the time of writing the blog. Who would leave a post like that. Oh ok, well yes I would too. I'll keep an eye out thought and let you know if it worked!

Board files are available here it seems. Although I don't quite understand Upverter at the time of writing. Perhaps a later post!

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