When is a Pi not a Pi?

Well when it's an Arduino compatible of course! Spotted by the eagle eyed Recatha this robot based Kickstarter seems to have got confused, or are cynically skirting the Raspberry Pi Trademark to sell a few kits.

Lets apply Hanlon's Razor and say it's a mistake and they've not heard of the Raspberry Pi we can then draw our focus to the Arduino Compatible board that ships with the robot. It's clearly based on the Uno and says as much in the blurb but the image that we can see only has the Kickstarter company's details, no attribution is visible, we only have 50% of the evidence available at the moment so lets not speculate any further until we see the whole thing!

We look forward to seeing how this pans out and wonder if there will be any fall out from "the Foundation" regarding the use of Pi in the robotics and electronics field.

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