3D Printing with Carbon Fiber!

3D Printing with Carbon Fiber!

Although skant on actual details the website for the "worlds first" carbon fiber details is typically slick. A few bright images showing the machine that's being touted without any details on cost or when it's going to ship.

They do however mention a patented Continuous Filament Fabrication method, which I assume means the carbon filament is unbroken strand, laid down as one would expect in a 3D printer. A nice graphic (below) hows what I assume to be a part printed in a single process, a composite of Nylon and Carbon Fiber reinforcing.

Again there's a slick video, showing the printer alongside tool chests so you know it's a tool not a toy. Sadly the video has been taken down since this was written.

Having a read around an article by Alexandra Chang on Popular Mechanics suggests that it will be around $5000 which seems pretty cheap. I've sent the details over to some friends at KS Composites to see what they think they could make with the machine. Update to come!

Turns out the mighty Hackaday had something to say on the story too, from a more informed position than mine! http://hackaday.com/2014/01/29/ask-hackaday-whats-up-with-this-carbon-fiber-printer/

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