A Pice of the action...

Apologies for the title, it's actually a contractual obligation that if you write an article about Raspberry Pi it has to have a pun title.

This morning a very wet and sullen looking postman handed me several items. Some bills, some parts and a rather pregnant looking Jiffy(TM) bag addressed to me personally. What could this be I asked myself? So I did the best thing in that sort of situation and I opened it!

Very suddenly I felt in need of a hard hat and Totecter(TM) boots! As the zinc alloy enclosure, enclosed within, made me instantly want to appear more manly and in need of a construction site or an oil rig or at least clothing that might make me look less conspicuous in either of those places. It has a rugged, industrial feel and it is a monster at 360g (a Pi weighs ~41g) - it feels really solid.

It comes with a number of washers and we opted for a gaiter to keep the whole thing water resistant. The gaiter looks a bit silly on the back of case but I'm fairly sure it will do the job that it is supposed to do. As a heat sink it must be amazing, it's so cold to the touch that you'll be able to put a lot of power through it without raising its temperature too much.

I'm not sure if this feeling will go away, but I'm pretty sure that I want to run it over, maybe with a tank. This is the most "grown up" Pi case that I've seen. It's very manly and rugged feeling and I'm sure it will be a great seller for the folks at Elson Designs, just as soon as they recover from the kickstarter process.

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