Exclusive! Sparkfun's New HQ to have Walls!

We've been watching the build of Sparkfun's new headquarters with great interest as they become the first Open Source business to build their own bespoke HQ. There was much wrangling with the funding and planning before the footings were even started and much of that was kindly blogged by Sparkfun's CEO and all round nice chap Nate.

Today it has been bought to our attention by a Sparkfun insider (who writes for their facebook page) that the new building will be enclosed, if you will defined by the presence of walls.

So you saw it here first (or second if you follow them on facebook like I do). So how open can an open source business be when enclosed by walls? That is yet to be seen but on the evidence available I'd say very. Sparkfun rock. Hope the rest of the building goes as smoothly as the erecting of the walls.

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** Edit - Eagle eyed twitter followers may have noticed Sparkfun beat us to the punch on their twitter stream by a mere 14 hours. It's a good thing this is a blog and not a boxing match. **

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