Pixel LED Art Kickstarter

Now those that know phenoptix, know we love LEDs. It's how we got started. Lately our favourite type have been "Pixels" that is controllable LEDs based on the WS2801 or WS2811 IC. Adafruit have truly made the latter their own with their trademark NeoPixel brand.

This kickstarter however goes oldskool with LED matrix panels, just like these (also from Adafruit).

To be completely honest the actually LED hardware isn't the most inspiring, using WS2811 LEDs they'd have a far higher brightness and depth of colour. However the board that controls it is a little more interesting

Essentially it's very erm... connectable? SD storage, Bluetooth, I2C, connectors for a proximity sensor, an alcohol sensor? Eh? Still fairly interesting.


One of our on the boil projects where we have reinvented the wheel (actually it was AdaTV not the wheel) is a WS2801 project. Really I love low res pixel set ups, but I like them large!


Looking at what I have for this set up I should probably post a blog on it!

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