Home Brew LED Sunglasses from Moinen

These are impressive. Hand soldered with magnet wire:

Using a small Arduino clone the creator, Moinen, is multiplexing 140 SMD LEDs employing the help of 3 x 74HC595 shift registers.

The LEDs are superglued to the surface of the glasses, and then each row and column soldered together with 0.1 copper magnet wire. He discovered that even the non-laminated wire doesn't conduct meaningful currents even if you touch wires together. With this he was able to overlap overlap wires and even bundle a bunch of them together in the middle.

The 3 shift registers are soldered dead bug style near the rims of the glasses and there are nine transistors for sinking the current, one for each row. In total the device draws about 100 mA max and the creator suspects he could have just sinked the current straight to the Arduino clone.

The Arduino clone is glued to one of the arms near the temples, along with a HC-06 bluetooth module. The device has a few different animations pre-programmed, but it can also display a scrolling text message received via bluetooth. If anyone knows of an app that would let him connect and send text to the HC-06/HC-06 for iOS let him know via reddit!

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