Lego, Raspberry Pi, Camera and a Nexus 4

Spotted this on Recantha's blog - what you get when you mix Lego, a Raspberry Pi and a Nexus 4. 

The project was carried out by Karl Herrick, who has been blogging from his site since 2003, which is also when I first started selling LEDs from a barrow outside my father's fruit and veg shop... (sorry for the apocryphal aside!) Enlisting the help of his children, Karl used a Lego 4x4 Crawler (£139.99 in the UK) as a base to which he added

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Camera
Parallax Servo
USB Wifi Adaptor
7800mAh PowerPack
SD Card (16GB though!)
Male and Female Jumpers
Bunch of other bits and bobs!

In the video it's shown being controlled by a Bluetooth controller, but as recantha points out this was paired with a Nexus 4 and he used a secure shell connection terminal into the Raspberry Pi using this app. With a bit of scripting he was able to map the keys to the controller and then a few command line commands controlled the camera.

All in all a pretty amazing stuff! It's all beautifully written up with some more great shots of the car and their cat at

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