Blaze Bike Laser - it's pretty cool!

Spotted this on Gizmodo this morning. 

They say it's like a bat signal for your bike, which would be true if the bat signal wasn't on the sky and visible to the whole city. This makes a little cycle logo on the road ahead of you to warn other road users that you're on your way.

It's tested so it won't damage anyone's retina which is good and it's reputed to run for 13 hours which is pretty amazing actually.

It also has a standard light which has a flash and a low mode. I'd like to see an autodip feature in a bike light as I ride home in the evenings and am dazzled by one or two fellow cyclists using ultra bright lights (sorry that was an aside). The rest of the stats can be found here along with the price tag... a whopping £125. It's nice but is it that nice?! 782 backers on Kickstarter seemed to think so. Yes I realise they didn't all back for a light but it was the easiest stat to grab.

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