Gameboy, Pi and SNES controller in catastrophic pile up!

At first glance this made me rather sad. Two classics brutally butchered for the sake of an ugly emulator. The pad looks not like a SNES controller but a Super Famicom controller, which has a special place in my heart as back in the day Japan got all the cool stuff first and my brother would get it second through the likes of Lik-Sang. The Famicom controller had those cool buttons, reminiscent of Palma Violets and was reputedly 20% smaller than the UK / US versions as Japanese people had smaller hands. I could google that for confirmation but won't as the fact is from the day and I won't let the truth spoil it!

The Game Boy holds happy memories too. It was one of these classics where a housemate and I passed the Game Boy back and forth competing at 40 lines. I need to find the cartridge for clarification but we both hit 19 seconds and retired. The internet now tells me that is the world record is 19 seconds. We were ahead of our time!

But anyway back to the matter in hand. It turns out that is is not the crime I first thought, as the SNES style controller is a USB one you can buy for pennies on eBay and the Game Boy was already broken. It's been given new life! The creator has also written the whole thing up for us too at RetroGamePunk.

He uses a really great 3" TFT Screen, like the ones we have here!

3" TFT Display

It's a great little display, but trickier to set up than I thought! Still it's just one part of this great little handheld console emulator build. Now go and rifle through your bits boxes to find those old broke console parts!

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