$2 Trinket (Clone) Anyone?

Introducing Chachka! The Trinket(TM)'s ugly sister!

Before Phil gets on the email let me point out that the Chachka is in no way associated with the Trinket or Adafruit trademarks but is based on the fantastic open source resources Adafruit have shared. You should buy at least one real Trinket from an approved Adafruit supplier (*I mean us) - preferably before you finish reading this post!

Chachka is yiddish slang meaning "an inexpensive and showy trinket" clever eh? Well it's been bought to us by Ray Burnette who has published his write up over at hackster.io and his focus has been firmly on the BOM. Which come in at a little over $2, you have to note a few points with that though, some bits are classed as free as you should have them knocking around and you have to build it yourself. We have the ATTiny85 available here if you fancy trying it yourself.

Ray's not just build this and put it out their either he's supporting it rather well over on the Arduino Forums


[story via Hackaday]

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