Video Tour of Dallas Makerspace

Just spotted this awesome video tour of Dallas Makerspace (via HACKADAY).

They have a great electronics room with two well equipped soldering stations, heaps of oscilloscopes, a microscope and even a little CNC mill for on the fly circuit board fabrication.

There's a well stocked library, which is hastily passed on the way to the laser cutter! Looks like at least A2 size, capable of some rather nice rastering.

Onto a great 3D lab, which is pretty much a room with some 3D printers, ham radio stuff and drones! Behind that is a room stocked for the zombie invasion. It's the sort of room you'd find before you got to a boss in doom!

We're not even 5 minutes in yet to the tour of this 6000sqft space. There's a creative space and darkroom and class room which is general purpose for anyone to use at any time (24/7 access at this space!).

The galley looks to be well stocked, great for rehydrating ramen!

The workshop is where it's really at. A great big space, with lathe, CNC plasma cutter, CNC milling machine (some in progress builds). A fan that looks to have sharpened blade!

The workshop also has a forge, where every Tuesday a master blacksmith will show you which end to hit the anvil (I'm not a master blacksmith you might have guessed!).

They have ample storage, pretty much a separate warehouse. Wowzer also a foundry... well smelting area where you can explore with lost wax casting (the modern way with 3D printed objects). 

There's a vinyl cutter too. I'd like a vinyl cutter!

My god a bio lab too. So where you'd arm up for and also potentially create the zombie apocalypse! Homebrew, pinball, conferencing, delta printer, more classrooms (with beanbags so you could make a start up!). 

Great tour Andrew!


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