Switching tech support from email to forums!

It's a bit of a no brainer really. Every day we provide great support through email for all number of our product and the products that we resell. A lot of the time we're repeating ourselves and that info only helps out the one person who has been brave enough to email us. 

We'd like to move the support we offer to our forums so we can start to build a knowledge base to point customers towards when a problem has been previously solved and somewhere we can get the opinions of others to help.

We're not trying to palm off support onto our community but better serve our community with public open support, as other great open source companies like Adafruit and Sparkfun do.

Our forums are here at forums.phenoptix.com

They require a login to prevent spam and at the moment uploading pictures can be done but it's a little bit of a faff. We're working on that!

This image doesn't have much to do with the post but what the hey!

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