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MeArm Kit for Raspberry Pi

MeArm Kit for Raspberry Pi

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The MeArm Pi is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It's been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use. At its heart is the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computer that has been developed to make learning about computing accessible and fun. The MeArm Pi can be controlled directly through the on-board joysticks, or you can learn to code by making it move using one of the many programming languages run on the Raspberry Pi. All of the software is free and covers a wide range of skill levels, from absolute beginner to experienced programmer. To make things even easier, it can all be controlled straight from your web browser, with no need to buy additional hardware like monitor, keyboard and mouse.


**Raspberry Pi and Power Supply Not Included**

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