Just when I thought I was out.... #meArm update!

Wow so it's been an amazing few weeks. It was great to start at Ciseco and get to know them and their fantastic products a little better. However last Monday I made a very hard decision and decided to take another leap into the unknown with the #meArm. Joining forces with Des19nCore we have formed MeArm limited to make the most of the potential that the little robot from phenoptix has. As stated in my reasons for the changes at phenoptix this should still give be the flexibility to have more family time!

In just eight months it's gone from a paper model to a slick and handsome pocket size robot with software support for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Spark Core and Espruino! We've seen work shops spring up around the world and we have distributors and manufacturers in the four corners of the globe!

Our first challenge is to satisfy the demand that we already have and this week we'll be setting up a new production line. 

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